Registration&Account Setting
Q1. Set up your PayEasy Account
Please register at ĦiMemberĦjand fill in the details required.
You  will receive a confirmation code via SMS or a confirmation mail depends on which way you choose.

Please finish the confirmation process to activate your PayEasy account. In addition, the account detail will be removed 3 days later if you don't make the comfirmation by then. In that case, please register again.

Q2. Forgot your account
Forgot Account:go to ĦiForgot AccountĦjand fill in the E-Mail you registered.
We will send you the correct account and a new password. Please make sure you change the password once you log in successfully. However, if you couldn't receive the notification, check the junk-mail box or contact us.
Q3. Forgot your password
Forgot  Password:go toĦiForgot PasswordĦjand fill in your PayEasy account, E-Mail or mobile phone number.
A new password will be sent via SMS or E-Mail depending on which way you choose to receive it.
Please make sure you change the password once you log in successfully. In addition, if you couldn't receive the notification, check the junk-mail box, the phone connection status or contact us.
Q4. Can't receive new password
It could take a while before receiving the new password. We suggest you to check the junk-mail box, phone connection status or contact us immediately.
Q5. Forgot the E-Mail you registered with
Please phone us directly.
Q6.  A wrong password indicated
Make sure it's correct as the password  is case sensitive.Or you could press theĦiForgot passwordĦjto reset it.
Q7. Changing the personal info
Log onĦiMemberĦjand select "Account info".
Q8.Are all items eligible to ship overseas?
Any items with the "Overseas Shipping" button could be delivered worldwide. Or you could check on our International shipping website .
Q9. How many items you could purchase once
The maximum weight of per package is 20 kg and you could choose no more than 30 items under that circumstance.
Q10. Payment Methods
We offer four payment methods: Credit card,Alipay,Paypal, and China UnionPay. All price is in TWD. For currency, please contact your local bank. Also, the payment except the shipping cost could be deducted by P-Cash.
Q11. How we delivery packages
The order will be delivered in 1-2 weekdays via EMS. For details, please go to shipping rate/time
Q12.  How to modify the delivery information
Please contact us via E-Mail or phone us asap as you may not be able to change the address once it's shipped.
Q13. Tracking your orders
Once the order is delivered, we would send a "delivery notification." You could connect to iPost to track the package.
Q14. Haven't received it but the status shows delivery successfully
Check if someone else accepted delivery for you then contact us.
Q15. Any refund when the delivery is failed?
If the return is caused by personal reasons like custom problems or imcorrect address, we would deduct the shipping fee (including the send-out and return) from your refund.
Q16 Return policy
The guarantee is for 7 days after the package is received. Return shipping cost may be deducted from your refund depending on the reason for return. Please repack the item thoroughly and contact us before sending it back as any damage may cause extra charge of your refund.
Q17. When will you get the refund?
We will make the refund once we receive the return items. However, the delivery fee is your own expense. The refund status of different payment methods:
1.Credit card/ China UnionPay : 5-7 weekdays.
2.Paypal:7~10 weekdays, for details please check with Paypal.
3.Alipay:7~10 weekdays.For details please check with Alipay.
Q18.How to cancel an order
You could only cancel the order on the same day you place it. Simply log on Member. If it can't be cancelled on line ,please contact us immediately in case it's shipped.
Q19. What is P-Cash?
P-Cash is equal to cash. When you check out, the system will deduct the P-Cash you have in the account before proceeding to other payment methods.
Q20. Can P-Cash and coupons be deducted here?
P-Cash would be paid for the payment except the shipping fee. Also, the coupon is not accepted in international shipping website.
Q21. About Custom duty and related documents
For the possible documents and custom duty, please verify with your local customhouse. PayEasy does not response for the charge and the related documents; if you successfully place an order, it equates that you have agreed on the charge and application documents needed. If the products is returned to PayEasy due to custom issue, PayEasy will
deduct the delivery fee (including the send-out and return) from your refund.
Q22. Do I get invoice?
There will be an invoice attached with each package.